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View of a Southern French City
Childe Hassam
American, 1859-1935
View of a Southern French City, 1910
The Little Pond, Appledore
Childe Hassam
American, 1859-1935
The Little Pond, Appledore, 1890
Candelabra (one of a pair)
Tiffany and Company
American, founded 1837
Chasing by Eugene J. Soligny
American, c. 1833–1901
New York, New York
Candelabra (one of a pair), 1873
The Prairie on Fire
Alvan Fisher
American, 1792–1863
The Prairie on Fire, 1827
Tea Service
Gorham & Thurber
American, 1850–52
Providence, Rhode Island
Tea Service, 1850
Nantasket Beach
Emil Carlsen
American, born Denmark, 1853–1932
Nantasket Beach, 1876
The Filatrice (The Spinner)
Henry Kirke Brown
American, 1814–1886
Cast by the artist's foundry, Brooklyn, New York
The Filatrice (The Spinner), 1850
Coming Squall (Nahant Beach with a Summer Shower)
Thomas Doughty
American, 1793–1856
Coming Squall (Nahant Beach with a Summer Shower), 1835
Peach Blossoms
Winslow Homer
American, 1836–1910
Peach Blossoms, 1878
Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket
Eastman Johnson
American, 1824–1906
Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket, 1876

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