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Peach Blossoms
Winslow Homer
American, 1836-1910
Peach Blossoms, 1878
The Commode
Walter Gay
American, 1856-1937
The Commode, 1905/12
Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket
Eastman Johnson
American, 1824-1906
Husking Bee, Island of Nantucket, 1876
Abraham Lincoln
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850-1931
Cast by Roman Bronze Works
American, early 20th century
Abraham Lincoln, modeled 1912, cast after 1912
Mount Washington
Winslow Homer
American, 1836-1910
Mount Washington, 1869
Coast of Maine
Winslow Homer
American, 1836-1910
Coast of Maine, 1893
Bar-room Scene
William Sidney Mount
American, 1807-1868
Bar-room Scene, 1835
The Prairie on Fire
Alvan Fisher
American, 1792-1863
The Prairie on Fire, 1827
Tea Service
Gorham & Thurber
American, 1850-52
Providence, Rhode Island
Tea Service, 1850
Coming Squall (Nahant Beach with a Summer Shower)
Thomas Doughty
American, 1793-1856
Coming Squall (Nahant Beach with a Summer Shower), 1835

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