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Thomas Eakins
American, 1844–1916
Knitting, modeled 1882–83, cast c. 1886
Jules Bastien-Lepage
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
American, born Ireland, 1848–1907
Cast by Magee Furnace Company
Chelsea, Massachusetts
Jules Bastien-Lepage, modeled in 1880, cast in copper and bronze 1881
Winged Figure
Abbott Handerson Thayer
American, 1849–1921
Winged Figure, 1889
Bacchante with Infant Faun
Frederick W. MacMonnies
American, 1863–1937
Cast by Jaboeuf et Rouard
Paris, France
Bacchante with Infant Faun, modeled 1894, cast after 1894
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850–1931
Truth, 1900
The Sun Vow
Hermon Atkins MacNeil
American, 1866–1947
The Sun Vow, modeled 1898; cast 1901
Daniel Webster
Thomas Ball
American, 1819–1911
Cast by J. T. Ames
Chicopee, Massachusetts
Daniel Webster, modeled and cast 1853
Hiram Powers
American, 1805–1873
Ginevra, 1865/68
Bust of Mary Harris Thompson, M. D.
Daniel Chester French
American, 1850–1931
Bust of Mary Harris Thompson, M. D., 1902
Mr. Potter Palmer
Hiram Powers
American, 1805–1873
Mr. Potter Palmer, 1871

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