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Roman; Eastern Mediterranean, probably Syria
Jug, 4th century AD
String of Beads
Roman or Byzantine; Egypt
String of Beads, 4th/5th century AD
Late Roman or Byzantine; Eastern Mediterranean
Jug, 4th century AD
Siliqua (Coin) Portraying Valentinian II
Roman, minted in Trier
Siliqua (Coin) Portraying Valentinian II, AD 378/383
Conical Lamp
Roman; Eastern Mediterranean
Conical Lamp, 275–300 AD
Roman or Byzantine; Eastern Mediterranean
Bowl, 1st/5th century AD
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Constantine I
Roman, minted in Antioch, Syria
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Constantine I, late AD 324/early AD 325, issued by Constantine I
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Diocletian
Roman, minted in Trier
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Diocletian, AD 294/305, issued by Diocletian
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Gratian
Roman, minted in Trier
Solidus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Gratian, AD 375/378
Roman; Egypt
Necklace, Roman Period (30 BC–AD 337)

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