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Wide-Bottomed Flask
Roman, Eastern Mediterranean
Wide-Bottomed Flask, 3rd century AD
Foot of a Cista (Storage Box)
Etruscan; probably Vulci
Foot of a Cista (Storage Box), early 5th century BC
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Nero
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Nero, December AD 57/December AD 58, issued by Nero (emperor)
Pair of Earrings
Roman; probably Egypt
Pair of Earrings, 1st century AD
Fragment of a Necklace
Roman; probably Egypt
Fragment of a Necklace, 3rd century AD
Portrait Head of a Young Woman
Portrait Head of a Young Woman, AD 130/40
Tetradrachm (Coin) Depicting the God Dionysos
Greek, minted in Thrace, Thasos
Tetradrachm (Coin) Depicting the God Dionysos, after 146 BC
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Emperor Trajan
Roman, minted in Rome
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Emperor Trajan, October AD 103/October AD 111, probably 106/07, issued by Trajan
Dupondius (Coin) Portraying Antonia
Dupondius (Coin) Portraying Antonia, AD 50/54
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Octavian
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Octavian, 32/29 BC

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