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Denarius (Coin) Portraying Marcus Claudius Marcellus
Roman, minted in Rome
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Marcus Claudius Marcellus, 50/49 B.C., issued by Roman Republic, P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus (moneyer)
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Ptolemy I
Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Ptolemy I, 305/284 B.C. and later
Solidus (Coin) of Honorius
Byzantine, minted in Ravenna, Italy
Solidus (Coin) of Honorius, A.D. 405
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Pompey the Great
Roman, minted in Sicily
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Pompey the Great, 42/40 B.C., issued by Roman Republic, Sextus Pompeius Magnus
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Nero
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Nero, December A.D. 67/December A.D. 68, issued by Nero
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Octavian
Denarius (Coin) Portraying Octavian, 32/29 B.C.
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Antoninus Pius
Roman, minted in Rome
Aureus (Coin) Portraying Emperor Antoninus Pius, A.D. 138
Dupondius (Coin) Portraying Antonia
Dupondius (Coin) Portraying Antonia, A.D. 50/54
Octodrachm (Coin) Portraying Arsinoe II
Octodrachm (Coin) Portraying Arsinoe II, 261 B.C., Issued by Ptolemy II
Reign of Arsinoe II, Queen of Egypt, 276-270 B.C.
Denarius (Coin) Depicting the Goddess Venus
Roman, minted in Africa
Denarius (Coin) Depicting the Goddess Venus, 47/46 B.C., issued by Julius Caesar

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