Gallery 289B

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Deeps and Skies
Roni Horn
American, born 1955
Deeps and Skies, 1995–96
Martin Puryear
American, born 1941
Sanctuary, 1982
"Untitled" (Golden)
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
American, born Cuba, 1957–1996
"Untitled" (Golden), 1995
Cobalt and Gold Study II
Lynda Benglis
American, born 1941
Cobalt and Gold Study II, 1978
John Chamberlain
American, 1927–2011
Untitled, 1966
Hang Up
Eva Hesse
American, born Germany, 1936–1970
Hang Up, 1966
Marlene Dumas
South African, born 1953
Albino, 1986
"A" and the Carpenter I
Sam Gilliam
American, born 1933
"A" and the Carpenter I, 1973
Table with Pink Tablecloth
Richard Artschwager
American, 1923-2013
Table with Pink Tablecloth, 1964

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