Ancient and Byzantine Art

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Kylix (Drinking Cup)
Greek; Athens
Attributed to the Workshop of Nikosthenes
Kylix (Drinking Cup), About 530-520 B.C.
Pelike (Storage Jar)
Greek; Athens
Pelike (Storage Jar), About 510-500 B.C.
Pyxis (Container for Personal Objects)
Greek; Athens
Pyxis (Container for Personal Objects), Late 6th century B.C.
Column-Krater (Mixing Bowl)
Greek; Athens
Attributed to a Member of the Earlier Mannerist Group
Column-Krater (Mixing Bowl), About 460 B.C.
Amphora (Storage Jar)
Greek; Athens
Attributed to the Achilles Painter
Amphora (Storage Jar), About 460-450 B.C.
Calyx Krater (Mixing Bowl)
Attributed to The Perugia Painter, now combined with the Arnò Painter
Calyx Krater (Mixing Bowl), About 400-380 B.C.
Mastoid Skyphos (Drinking Cup) with Handles
Greek, Athens
In the style of the Haimon Painter
Mastoid Skyphos (Drinking Cup) with Handles, early 5th century B.C.
Kantharos (Drinking Cup)
Greek; Apulia, Italy
Kantharos (Drinking Cup), 320/300 B.C.
Kylix (Drinking Cup)
Greek; Athens
Attributed to the Penthesilea Painter
Kylix (Drinking Cup), About 460 B.C.
Oinochoe (Pitcher)
Greek; Apulia, Italy
Oinochoe (Pitcher), end of 4th century B.C.

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