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The Yellow Lady, plate from La Vie de Chateau
Marie Laurencin
French, 1885-1956
The Yellow Lady, plate from La Vie de Chateau, n.d.
The Dream
Paul Guiramand
French, 1926-2007
The Dream, n.d.
Bendelière Farm
Jacques Gaston Duchamp Villon
French, 1875-1963
Bendelière Farm, 1905
The Sea
Raoul Dufy
French, 1877-1953
The Sea, c. 1925
Christ Seated
Georges Rouault (French, 1871-1958)
engraved by Georges Aubert (French, 1886-1961)
Christ Seated, before 1949
Ballet Dancer, from Ten Dancers
Henri Matisse
French, 1869-1954
Ballet Dancer, from Ten Dancers, 1927
Poster for Le Figaro
Pierre Bonnard
French, 1867-1947
Poster for Le Figaro, 1903
Reclining Female Nude with Raised Knee
Henri Matisse
French, 1869-1954
Reclining Female Nude with Raised Knee, 1923/24
Henry Matisse (French, 1869–1954)
introduction by Dominique Bozo (French, 1935–1993)
printed by Fequet-Baudier (French, c. 1925–c. 1981)
published by the artist’s heirs
Pasiphaé, 1981
Seated Nude
Georges Braque
French, 1882-1963
Seated Nude, 1926

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