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The Sons and Daughters
Blair Hughes-Stanton
English, 1902-1981
The Sons and Daughters, 1933
Blair Hughes-Stanton (English, 1902-1981), Gertrude Hermes (English, 1901-1983), Leon Underwood (English, 1890-1975), Stephen Gooden (English, 1892-1955), René Ben Sussan (French, born Greece, 1895), Wladyslaw Skoczylas (Polish, 1883-1934), Frank Charles Medworth (English, 1892-1947), Eric Henri Kennington (English, 1888-1960), Eric William Ravilious (English, 1903-1942), John Northcote Nash (English, 1893-1977), and Demetrius Galanis (French, born Greece, 1879-1966)
published by the Cresset Press (English, 20th century)
printed at The Curwen Press (English, 20th century)
The Apocrypha, 1929

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