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The Leader of the Parisian Blood Red Republic
George Cruikshank
English, 1792-1878
The Leader of the Parisian Blood Red Republic, published June 23, 1871
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
authored by Pierce Egan (English, 1772-1849)
Anecdotes: Proof, 1827
La Belle Assemblée
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
published by S.W. Fores (English, 1761-1838)
La Belle Assemblée, published August 31, 1817
Letter: Stop Thief
George Cruikshank
English, 1792-1878
Letter: Stop Thief, 1851
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
Frederick William Pailthorpe (English, 1838-1914)
written by William M. Thackeray (English, 1811-1863)
Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank, Vol. I, 1810-73
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
written by Catherine Grace Frances Gore (English, 1799-1861)
published by Fisher, Son, & Co. (English, 19th century)
New Year’s Day: A Winter’s Tale, 1846
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
written by Robert Burns (Scottish, 1759-1796)
published by Griffith, Farran, Okeden, & Welsh (English, 19th century)
printed by R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor (English, 19th century)
Tam O’ Shanter: A Tale in Verse, 1884
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
George John Pinwell (English, 1842-1875)
engraved by the Dalziel Brothers (English, 19th century)
written by Charles Dickens (English, 1812-1870)
published by G.W. Carleton & Co. (American, 19th century)
printed by John F. Trow & Son (American, 19th century)
Oliver Twist, 1876
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
published by C. Baldwyn (English, 19th century)
printed by D.S. Maurice (English, 19th century)
Points of Humour: Part I and II, 1823-24
George Cruikshank (English, 1792-1878)
Tony Johannot (French, 1803-1852)
William Alfred Delamotte (English, 1775-1863)
written by William Harrison Ainsworth (English, 1805-1882)
published by Parry, Blenkarn & Co. (English, 19th century)
Windsor Castle an Historical Romance, 1847

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