Modern and Contemporary Art

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Interrelation of Volumes from the Ellipsoid
Georges Vantongerloo
Belgian, 1886–1965
Interrelation of Volumes from the Ellipsoid, 1926
Christopher Columbus
Victor Brauner
Romanian, 1903–1966
Christopher Columbus, 1938/39
Victor Brauner
Romanian, 1903–1966
Gemini, 1938
Red-Haired Girl
Emil Nolde
German, 1867–1956
Red-Haired Girl, 1919
Homage to Leger with K. K. [Katharine Kuh]
Will Barnet
American, 1911-2012
Homage to Leger with K. K. [Katharine Kuh], 1982
Auguste Herbin
French, 1882–1960
Composition, 1921
Farm near Duivendrecht
Piet Mondrian
Dutch, 1872–1944
Farm near Duivendrecht, c. 1916
Human Nature/Life Death
Bruce Nauman
American, born 1941
Human Nature/Life Death, 1983
Fisherman's Cottage
Harald Sohlberg
Norwegian, 1869-1935
Fisherman's Cottage, 1906
Mortar and Pestle
Janine Antoni
Bahamian, born 1964
Mortar and Pestle, 1999

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