American Art

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John and Joseph W. Meeks Company
American, active 1836–59
New York, New York
Table, 1836/46
Connecticut, possibly Wethersfield
Chest, 1704
Hendrik van Keppel
American, 1914–1988
Taylor Green
American, 1914–1991
Chair, c. 1939
Pair of Side Chairs
Alexander Jackson Davis
American, 1803–1892
Made by William Burns and Peter Trainque
American, active 1842–56
New York, New York
Pair of Side Chairs, c. 1849
Dining Room chair
Peter Bonnett Wight
American, 1838–1925
Dining Room chair, 1876
Card Table
Charles-Honoré Lannuier
American, born France, 1779–1819
Card Table, c. 1815
Leon Marcotte
American, born France, 1824–1887
Armchair, 1860/65
"Cricket" Chair
Henry P. Glass
American, born Austria, 1911–2003
"Cricket" Chair, 1978
Side Chair
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Side Chair, 1755/75
"Parzival, a Chair with a Shadow"
Designed by Robert Wilson
American, born 1941
Made by Work Ltd., Editions Dosi Delfini
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
"Parzival, a Chair with a Shadow", designed 1987, made 1990

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