American Art

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Interior of St. Mark's, Venice
David Dalhoff Neal
American, 1838-1915
Interior of St. Mark's, Venice, 1869
Flower Girl in Holland
George Hitchcock
American, 1850-1913
Flower Girl in Holland, 1887
Albert Robert Valentien for Rookwood Pottery
American, 1862-1925
Vase, 1896
William Merchant Richardson French, Director of Art Institute 1879-1914
Louis Betts
American, 1873-1961
William Merchant Richardson French, Director of Art Institute 1879-1914, c. 1905
A Marine
George Inness
American, 1825-1894
A Marine, c. 1874/75
Curley-Custer Scout-Crow.Crow Agency.Montana.1912
Edward Warren Sawyer
American, 1876-1932
Curley-Custer Scout-Crow.Crow Agency.Montana.1912, 1912
In Grecian Draperies
Bessie Potter Vonnoh
American, 1872-1955
In Grecian Draperies, 1913
John J. Boyle
American, 1851/52-1917
Return from the Hunt, by 1908
The Huckster Cart
Robert Spencer
American, 1879-1931
The Huckster Cart, 1913
George Inness
American, 1825-1894
Moonrise, 1891

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