European Painting and Sculpture

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Naples, Italy
Crèche, mid-18th century
Deposition (after Antonio Canova)
Bernardino Nocchi
Italian, 1741–1812
Deposition (after Antonio Canova), 1800
Mitten Gauntlet for the Right Hand
Southern German. Nuremberg
Mitten Gauntlet for the Right Hand, c. 1530
Paul Gauguin
French, 1848–1903
Vision of the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling with the Angel), 1888
Paul Gauguin
French, 1848–1903
The Yellow Christ, 1889
Paul Gauguin
French, 1848-1903
Arii Matamoe (The Royal End), 1892
Young Clergyman Reading
Martin Rørbye
Danish, 1803-1848
Young Clergyman Reading, 1836
Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap
South German; possibly Ulm
Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap, c. 1480
Jungfer Lorenzen of Tangermünde
Christian Daniel Rauch
German, 1777-1857
Jungfer Lorenzen of Tangermünde, After 1837
Fall of a Cavalier
Antonin Moine
French, 1796–1849
Fall of a Cavalier, 1831

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