European Painting and Sculpture

Displaying records 31 - 40 of 1324.
The Battle of Pharsalus and the Death of Pompey
Workshop of Apollonio di Giovanni and Marco del Buono Giamberti
Italian, 1415/17-1465 & 1403-1489
The Battle of Pharsalus and the Death of Pompey, 1455/60
Virgin and Child
South Netherlandish or German (Rhineland)
Virgin and Child, 1350/75
The Continence of Scipio
Sebastiano Ricci
Italian, 1659-1734
The Continence of Scipio, c. 1706
Pergola with Oranges
Thomas Fearnley
Norwegian, 1802-1842
Pergola with Oranges, c. 1834
Ruined Archway
Francesco Guardi
Italian, 1712-1793
Ruined Archway, 1775/93
The Maid
François Bonvin
French, 1817-1887
The Maid, c. 1875
Penitent Saint Peter
Jusepe de Ribera
Spanish, 1588–1652
Penitent Saint Peter, 1628/32
Jean Claude Fulchiron
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Jean Claude Fulchiron, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/50)
Clément-François-Victor-Gabriel Prunelle
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Clément-François-Victor-Gabriel Prunelle, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/30)
Joseph, baron de Podenas
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Joseph, baron de Podenas, modeled c. 1832/36 (cast c. 1965)

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