European Painting and Sculpture

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Head of Medusa
Antonio Canova
Italian, 1757-1822
Head of Medusa, c. 1801
Woman Bathing
After a design by Giambologna
Flemish, 1529-1608
Woman Bathing, 1600/50
Ugolino and his Children
Jean Baptiste Carpeaux
French, 1827-1875
Ugolino and his Children, 1863/65
Female Bust (possibly Aïda)
Pietro Calvi
Italian, 1833-1884
Female Bust (possibly Aïda), c. 1875
Roger and Angelica Mounted on the Hippogriff
Antoine Louis Barye
French, 1795-1875
Roger and Angelica Mounted on the Hippogriff, modeled c. 1840 (cast c. 1884)
Lion Devouring a Horse
Antonio Susini
Italian, active 1574—1624
After Giovanni da Bologna
Italian, 1524—1608
Lion Devouring a Horse, 1600/20
Hyacinth Awaiting His Turn to Throw the Discus
François Joseph Bosio
French, 1768-1845
Hyacinth Awaiting His Turn to Throw the Discus, c. 1824
Bireno and Olimpia
Ferdinando Tacca
Italian, 1619—1686
Bireno and Olimpia, 1640/50
Jean Claude Fulchiron
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Jean Claude Fulchiron, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/50)
Clément-François-Victor-Gabriel Prunelle
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Clément-François-Victor-Gabriel Prunelle, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/30)

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