European Painting and Sculpture

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View on the Grounds of a Villa near Florence
Richard Parkes Bonington
British, 1802-1828
View on the Grounds of a Villa near Florence, 1826
The Defense of Paris
Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier
French, 1815-1891
The Defense of Paris, 1870/71
The Sheepshearers
Jean-François Millet
French, 1814-1875
The Sheepshearers, 1857/61
Woman Feeding Chickens
Jean-François Millet
French, 1814-1875
Woman Feeding Chickens, 1846/48
At the Railway Station
Alfred Stevens
Belgian, 1823-1906
At the Railway Station, c. 1874
Portrait of Mrs. Charles L. Hutchinson
Jules-Élie Delaunay
French, 1828-1891
Portrait of Mrs. Charles L. Hutchinson, 1890
On Guard
Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert
French, 1817-1908
On Guard, 1860/70
The Traveler
Jacques Emile Blanche
French, 1861-1942
The Traveler, c. 1890
The Diligence
Nicolas Toussaint Charlet
French, 1792-1845
The Diligence, c. 1820/23
Wounded Stag and Dog
Edwin Henry Landseer
British, 1802-1873
Wounded Stag and Dog, c. 1825

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