European Painting and Sculpture

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The Presentation in the Temple
Stefano Pozzi
Italian, c. 1699-1768
The Presentation in the Temple, n.d.
The Circumcision
Stefano Pozzi
Italian, 1699-1768
The Circumcision, c. 1762/63
The Flight into Egypt
Abraham van Diepenbeeck
Flemish, 1596-1675
The Flight into Egypt, c. 1650
Aeneas Rescuing Anchises from Burning Troy
Hendrick van Steenwijck, the Younger
Flemish, 1580/82-1649
Aeneas Rescuing Anchises from Burning Troy, 1605/20
A View of Vianen with a Herdsman and Cattle by a River
Aelbert Cuyp
Dutch, 1621–1691
A View of Vianen with a Herdsman and Cattle by a River, c. 1643/45
The Dance
Pietro Longhi
Italian, 1702–1785
The Dance, c. 1750
Virgin and Child with Angels
Giulio Cesare Procaccini
Italian, 1574-1625
Virgin and Child with Angels, c. 1610
Portrait of Cardinal Zelada
Anton Raphael Mengs
German, 1728–1779
Portrait of Cardinal Zelada, 1773
Portrait of Constance Pipelet
Jean-Baptiste-François Desoria
French, 1758–1832
Portrait of Constance Pipelet, 1797
Polycrates and the Fisherman
Salvator Rosa
Italian, 1615–1673
Polycrates and the Fisherman, c. 1664

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