European Painting and Sculpture

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Crossguard and Pommel: attributed to Gottfried Christian Leygebe
German, Nuremberg, 1630-1683
Blade: French, early 18th century
Grip: German
Smallsword, Crossguard and Pommel: c. 1650
Blade: early 18th century
Grip: c. 1550
Ceremonial Glaive
Ceremonial Glaive, 1600
Military Fork
Northern Italian
Military Fork, 1550/1600
Hilt: Italian
Blade: Spanish
Rapier, Blade: dated 1616
Hilt: c. 1570
Dagger (Khanjar) with Scabbard and Case
Ottoman Turkish
Dagger (Khanjar) with Scabbard and Case, 1850/1925
Dagger (Khanjar) with Scabbard
Ottoman Turkish
Dagger (Khanjar) with Scabbard, 18th/19th century
Blade, Iranian, dated 1128 Hejira (A.D. 1715)
Model of a Bronze Field Cannon
Central European
Model of a Bronze Field Cannon, 1775/1800
Dagger (Khanjar)
Ottoman Turkish
Dagger (Khanjar), 18th/19th century
Blade, probably Iranian, dated 985 Hejira (A.D. 1577)
State Halberd
German, Saxony
Of the guard of John George, Duke of Saxony (reigned as Elector 1611-56)
State Halberd, 1609
Baltic Snaplock Rifle
Polish and Swedish
Baltic Snaplock Rifle, 1610/50

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