European Painting and Sculpture

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Head of Balzac
Auguste Rodin
French, 1840-1917
Head of Balzac, 1897/1904
Netherlandish, Valley of the Meuse
Ewer, 1400/1500
Still Life with Fish and Shells
Baron James Ensor
Belgian, 1860-1949
Still Life with Fish and Shells, 1898
Still Life with Fruit
Émile Bernard
French, 1868-1941
Still Life with Fruit, 1890
The Dressing-Room, Madame Hessel Reading at Amfréville
Edouard Vuillard
French, 1868-1940
The Dressing-Room, Madame Hessel Reading at Amfréville, 1906
View From an Attic Room
Gustave Loiseau
French, 1865-1935
View From an Attic Room, c. 1890
The Presentation in the Temple
Stefano Pozzi
Italian, c. 1699-1768
The Presentation in the Temple, n.d.
The Circumcision
Stefano Pozzi
Italian, 1699-1768
The Circumcision, c. 1762/63
Combined Axe and Flintlock Pistol
Combined Axe and Flintlock Pistol, Axe, 1570/1600
Pistol, 1670/1700
Half Armor
Half Armor, c. 1560/70

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