Painting 1800–1900

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Cigar Making in Seville
Ricardo Canals y Llambí
Spanish, 1876-1931
Cigar Making in Seville, 1899
Cattle at Rest on a Hillside in the Alps
Rosa Bonheur
French, 1822-1899
Cattle at Rest on a Hillside in the Alps, 1885
Chariot Race
Jean Léon Gérôme
French, 1824-1904
Chariot Race, 1876
Canal in Venice
Martin Rico y Ortega
Spanish, 1833-1908
Canal in Venice, 1880s
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
French, 1841-1919
Chrysanthemums, 1881/82
Charles Thorp as Lord Mayor of Dublin
William Cuming
Irish, 1769-1852
Charles Thorp as Lord Mayor of Dublin, c. 1800
Mariano Fortuny y Marsal
Spanish, 1838-1874
Cavalier, c. 1871
Cliff Walk at Pourville
Claude Monet
French, 1840-1926
Cliff Walk at Pourville, 1882
Calf's Head and Ox Tongue
Gustave Caillebotte
French, 1848-1894
Calf's Head and Ox Tongue, c. 1882

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