Painting 1800–1900

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Paul Cézanne
French, 1839-1906
Bathers, 1890/94
At the Fountain
Cesare Agostino Detti
Italian, 1847-1914
At the Fountain, 1887
Autumn River Scene, The Brook
David Bates
English, 1840-1921
Autumn River Scene, The Brook, 1889
A Family Meal
Evert Pieters
Dutch, 1856-1932
A Family Meal, 1890s (?)
Arabian Horses
Eugene Fromentin
Arabian Horses, 19th century
A Peasant Woman Digging in Front of Her Cottage
Vincent van Gogh
Dutch, 1853-1890
A Peasant Woman Digging in Front of Her Cottage, c. 1885
Approaching Storm
Eugène-Louis Boudin
French, 1824-1898
Approaching Storm, 1864
Arlésiennes (Mistral)
Paul Gauguin
French, 1848-1903
Arlésiennes (Mistral), 1888
Battle Scene
Joseph Louis Hippolyte Bellangé
French, 1800-1866
Battle Scene, c. 1825
Alpine Scene
Gustave Doré
French, 1832-1883
Alpine Scene, 1865

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