Painting 1600–1800

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Fishing Boats in a Calm
Jan van de Cappelle
Dutch, 1626–1679
Fishing Boats in a Calm, 1651
Fishing Boats off an Estuary
Jan van Goyen
Dutch, 1596-1656
Fishing Boats off an Estuary, 1633
Flowers and Fruit in a China Bowl
Juan de Zurbarán, attributed to
Spanish, 1620–1649
Flowers and Fruit in a China Bowl, c. 1645
Freeman Flower
Joseph Highmore
British, 1692-1780
Freeman Flower, 1747
Fête champêtre (Pastoral Gathering)
Jean Antoine Watteau
French, 1684–1721
Fête champêtre (Pastoral Gathering), 1718/21
Girl Standing before a Mirror
Caspar Netscher
Dutch, 1639–1684
Girl Standing before a Mirror, 1668
Head of a Damned Soul from Dante's "Inferno," (verso)
Henry Fuseli
British, 1741–1825
Head of a Damned Soul from Dante's "Inferno," (verso), 1770/78
Head of a Philosopher
Giandomenico Tiepolo
Italian, 1727–1804
Head of a Philosopher, 1758/64
Heraclitus, the Weeping Philosopher
Heraclitus, the Weeping Philosopher, c. 1630
Hercules and Hesione
Bartolomeo Salvestrini, attributed to
Italian, died 1630
Hercules and Hesione, c. 1630

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