Painting 1600–1800

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Polycrates' Crucifixion
Salvator Rosa
Italian, 1615–1673
Polycrates' Crucifixion, c. 1664
Portico with a Lantern
Follower of Canaletto (Antonio Canal)
Italian, 1697–1768
Portico with a Lantern, 1741/45
Portrait of Cardinal Zelada
Anton Raphael Mengs
German, 1728–1779
Portrait of Cardinal Zelada, 1773
Portrait of Constance Pipelet
Jean-Baptiste-François Desoria
French, 1758–1832
Portrait of Constance Pipelet, 1797
Portrait of Isabella of Bourbon
Peter Paul Rubens, follower of
Flemish, 1577-1640
Portrait of Isabella of Bourbon, c. 1630
Portrait of Philip IV
Workshop of Diego Rodriguez de Velázquez
Spanish, 1599-1660
Portrait of Philip IV, c. 1632
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer
Gerard van Soest
Dutch, c. 1600-1681
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer, 1654
Portrait of a Gentleman
Caspar Netscher
Dutch, 1639-1684
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1680
Portrait of a Girl
Francesco Solimena, attributed to
Italian, 1657-1747
Portrait of a Girl, c. 1700
Portrait of a Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, Martin de Redin
Mattia Preti
Italian, 1613-1699
Portrait of a Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, Martin de Redin, c. 1660

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