Sculpture 1600–1900

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Dancer Ready to Dance, Right Foot Forward
Edgar Degas
French, 1834–1917
Dancer Ready to Dance, Right Foot Forward, modeled 1882-95 (cast 1919/21)
Draped Figure
Giovanni Gia (Attributed to)
Italian, 17th century
Draped Figure, c. 1640
Antonio d'Este
Italian, 1754-1837
After a model by Antonio Canova
Italian, 1757-1822
Deposition, after 1800
Naples, Italy
Crèche, mid-18th century
Death Mask of Napoleon
Dr. C. Francesco Antommarchi (From a mold by)
Italian, 1780—1838
Cast by: Louis Richard and E. Quesnel, Paris
Death Mask of Napoleon, modeled 1821 (cast 1833)
Emile Diaz, Son of the Painter
Antoine Louis Barye
French, 1795-1875
Emile Diaz, Son of the Painter, 1850/75
Dancing Monkey
Christophe Fratin
French, c. 1800-1864
Cast by: Quesnel Foundry
Dancing Monkey, c. 1835/40
Italian, Padua
Deer, late 17th century
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword
Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
French, 1815-1891
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword, modeled c. 1875 (cast after 1891)
Earthly Paradise
Paul Gauguin (French, 1848–1903) and Émile Bernard (French, 1868–1941)
Earthly Paradise, 1888

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