Sculpture 1600–1900

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Luigi Valadier and Workshop
Italian, 1726-1785
Crucifixion of Saint Peter, 1770/80
Antonio d'Este
Italian, 1754-1837
After a model by Antonio Canova
Italian, 1757-1822
Deposition, after 1800
Draped Figure
Giovanni Gia (Attributed to)
Italian, 17th century
Draped Figure, c. 1640
Dancer Ready to Dance, Right Foot Forward
Edgar Degas
French, 1834–1917
Dancer Ready to Dance, Right Foot Forward, modeled 1882-95 (cast 1919/21)
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword
Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
French, 1815-1891
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword, modeled c. 1875 (cast after 1891)
Italian, Padua
Deer, late 17th century
Dancing Monkey
Christophe Fratin
French, c. 1800-1864
Cast by: Quesnel Foundry
Dancing Monkey, c. 1835/40
Death Mask of Napoleon
Dr. C. Francesco Antommarchi (From a mold by)
Italian, 1780—1838
Cast by: Louis Richard and E. Quesnel, Paris
Death Mask of Napoleon, modeled 1821 (cast 1833)
Earthly Paradise
Paul Gauguin (French, 1848–1903) and Émile Bernard (French, 1868–1941)
Earthly Paradise, 1888
Naples, Italy
Crèche, mid-18th century

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