Sculpture 1600–1900

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Apollo and Marsyas
Domenico Antonio Vaccaro
Italian, 1678–1745
Apollo and Marsyas, c. 1720
Antoine Odier
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Antoine Odier, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/40)
Antoine-Maurice-Apollinaire, comte d'Argout
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Antoine-Maurice-Apollinaire, comte d'Argout, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/50)
Alexandre Lecomte
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Alexandre Lecomte, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/40)
Alexandre-Simon Pataille
Honoré-Victorin Daumier
French, 1808-1879
Alexandre-Simon Pataille, modeled c. 1832/35 (cast 1929/30)
Edgar Degas
French, 1834–1917
Arabesque, modeled 1885/90 (cast 1919/21)
Allegorical Group of Victory Supported by Valor
Francesco Bertos
Italian, active c.1693—1739
Allegorical Group of Victory Supported by Valor, 1700/10
Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid
Jean Léon Gérôme
French, 1824–1904
Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid, modeled 1878 (cast c. 1893)
A Burgher of Calais (Jean d'Aire)
Auguste Rodin
French, 1840–1917
A Burgher of Calais (Jean d'Aire), modeled 1889
Auguste Rodin
French, 1840—1917
Adam, modeled c. 1881

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