Sculpture before 1600

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Head of a Bishop Saint
German, Rhenish
Head of a Bishop Saint, 1300/1500
Head of a Man
Head of a Man, 1480/1500
Head of an Apostle
French, Paris
Head of an Apostle, c. 1210
Heraldic Lion
Italian, Venice
Heraldic Lion, c. 1450
Lucretia (?)
Pierino da Vinci (Attributed to)
Italian, c. 1529-1553
Lucretia (?), 1547/48
Madonna and Child
Workshop of Neroccio de' Landi
Italian, 1447-1500
Madonna and Child, 1490/1500
Madonna and Child
Italian, Milan
Madonna and Child, 1350/1400
Madonna and Child
Italian, Florence
Madonna and Child, c. 1480
Mercury, 1575/1625
Mirror Case with Falconry Scene
French, Paris
Mirror Case with Falconry Scene, 1325/50

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