Sculpture before 1600

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Adoration of the Christ Child
Andrea della Robbia (Workshop of)
Italian, 1435-1525
Adoration of the Christ Child, after 1479
Adoration of the Christ Child
Adoration of the Christ Child, 1550/1600
Allegorical Figure
Attributed to Bartolomeo Ammanati
Italian, 1511–1592
Allegorical Figure, c. 1540/45
Angel Holding Scroll
Italian, Tuscany (?)
Angel Holding Scroll, c. 1400
Girolamo Campagna (Workshop of)
Italian, 1549-before 1625
Aphrodite, c. 1570
Archangel Michael Overcoming the Devil
Archangel Michael Overcoming the Devil, c. 1550
Bust of Seneca
16th century replica after Greek original of the 4th century B.C.
Bust of Seneca, 1500/1600
Capital with Anointing of David
Italian, Lombardy or Tuscany?
Capital with Anointing of David, c. 1180
Capital with Bull and Worker
Italian, Lombardy or Apulia
Capital with Bull and Worker, 1100/25
Capital with Eagles
South Italian
Capital with Eagles, 1230/40

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