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An Anxious Friend
Max Ernst
French, born Germany, 1891–1976
An Anxious Friend, 1944
Cygne Crépusculaire (Twilight Swan)
Joseph Cornell
American, 1903-1972
Cygne Crépusculaire (Twilight Swan), 1949
Dancing Girl
Paul Klee
German, born Switzerland, 1879–1940
Dancing Girl, 1940
Melusine and the Great Transparents
Kurt Seligmann
American, born Switzerland, 1900-1962
Melusine and the Great Transparents, 1943
Nouveaux Contes de Fées (New Fairy Tales)
Joseph Cornell
American, 1903–1972
Nouveaux Contes de Fées (New Fairy Tales), 1948
Nude under a Pine Tree
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, worked in France, 1881-1973
Nude under a Pine Tree, January 20, 1959
Pocket Chess Set
Marcel Duchamp
(American, born France, 1887–1968)
Pocket Chess Set, 1944
Portrait of Sylvette David
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, worked in France, 1881–1973
Portrait of Sylvette David, 1954
Soap Bubble Set
Joseph Cornell
American, 1903–1972
Soap Bubble Set, 1948
The Banquet
René Magritte
Belgian, 1898–1967
The Banquet, 1958

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