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Girl with Pail
Joseph Antoine Bernard
French, 1866-1931
Girl with Pail, 1910
Glass and Playing Cards
Juan Gris
Spanish, 1887-1927
Glass and Playing Cards, 1915
Guelder Roses and the Venus of Milo
Edouard Vuillard
French, 1868-1940
Guelder Roses and the Venus of Milo, 1905
Forest at Martigues
André Derain
French, 1880–1954
Forest at Martigues, c. 1908/09
Golden Bird
Constantin Brâncusi
French, born Romania, 1876–1957
Golden Bird, 1919/20 (base c. 1922)
Hat Rack
Marcel Duchamp
American, born France, 1887–1968
Hat Rack, 1964 (1916 original now lost)
Half-Length Female Nude
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, worked in France, 1881–1973
Half-Length Female Nude, autumn 1906
Harbor at Neppermin
Lyonel Feininger
American, worked in Germany, 1871–1956
Harbor at Neppermin, 1915
Girl with Arm over Her Eyes
Aristide Joseph-Bonaventure Maillol
French, 1861-1944
Girl with Arm over Her Eyes, 1900
Girl with the Green Face
Alexei Jawlensky
German, born Russia, 1864–1941
Girl with the Green Face, 1910

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