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Odilon Redon
French, 1840–1916
Andromeda, 1904/10
Bathers by a River
Henri Matisse
French, 1869–1954
Bathers by a River, March 1909-10, May-November 1913, and early spring 1916-October (?) 1917
Marc Chagall
French, born Vitebsk, Russia (present-day Belarus), 1887–1985
Birth, 1911/12
Child Playing: Annette Roussel in a Front of a Wooden Chair
Edouard Vuillard
French, 1868-1940
Child Playing: Annette Roussel in a Front of a Wooden Chair, c. 1900
Crazy Woman with Cats
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, 1881-1973
Crazy Woman with Cats, 1901
Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, worked in France, 1881–1973
Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, autumn 1910
Earthly Paradise
Pierre Bonnard
French, 1867–1947
Earthly Paradise, 1916/20
Edtaonisl (Ecclesiastic)
Francis Picabia
French, 1879–1953
Edtaonisl (Ecclesiastic), 1913
Foliage—Oak Tree and Fruit Seller
Edouard Vuillard
French, 1868–1940
Foliage—Oak Tree and Fruit Seller, 1918
Forest at Martigues
André Derain
French, 1880–1954
Forest at Martigues, c. 1908–09

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