SAIC Alumni and Faculty

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"Inez", Graceland Cemetery, Chicago
Harold Allen
American, 1912–1998
"Inez", Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, 1947
Academia de Angola, School of Capoeira, Salvador, Bahia
David Vestal
American, 1924–2013
Academia de Angola, School of Capoeira, Salvador, Bahia, 1961
Charlotte Hart
American, born 1944
Accident, 1973
A Face from Georgia
Ivan Albright
American, 1897–1983
A Face from Georgia, 1970/74
Ellen Lanyon
American, 1926-2013
81–14–87, 1964
22nd Street, New York
David Vestal
American, 1924–2013
22nd Street, New York, 1963/64
(wallet card)
Derek Eller
(wallet card), 1993
A Boy Named Alligator
Kathleen Blackshear
American, 1897–1988
A Boy Named Alligator, 1930
A Conversation Remembered
Keith Smith
American, born 1938
A Conversation Remembered, February 1968
A Flash of Spiritual Meaning
Phyllis Bramson
American, born 1941
A Flash of Spiritual Meaning, n.d.

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