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"Girl World" Study for Sustenance Installation
Sedrick Huckaby
American, born 1975
"Girl World" Study for Sustenance Installation, 2010
"Dad's Coming!"
Winslow Homer (American, 1836-1910)
published by Harper's Weekly (American, 1857-1916)
"Dad's Coming!", published November 1, 1873
"From now on, just hand him the paper and stop trying to be funny."
Raymond Helle
American, born 1917
"From now on, just hand him the paper and stop trying to be funny.", n.d.
"Herb! - Do you want to drown?!!"
Adrian Lamb
American, 1901-1988
"Herb! - Do you want to drown?!!", n.d.
"George, never watches T.V.!"
Adrian Lamb
American, 1901-1988
"George, never watches T.V.!", n.d.
"I wanna get a look at this dame!"
Dick Cavalli
American, born 1923
"I wanna get a look at this dame!", n.d.
"Good afternoon, Sir."
Tom Henderson
American, active 20th century
"Good afternoon, Sir.", n.d.
"Hello Steve"
Steve Wheeler (American, 1912-1992)
written by John Storck (American, born 1896)
published by Press Eight (American, 20th century)
printed by Aldus Printers (American, 20th century)
bound by Sendor Bindery (American, 20th century)
"Hello Steve", 1947

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