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A Frog he would a-wooing go I
Paula Rego
English, born Portugal, 1935
A Frog he would a-wooing go I, 1989
Adam and Eve in Paradise
figures by Francesco Bartolozzi (Italian, 1727-1815)
landscape by W. Byrne and B.T. Pouncy (English, active 18th century)
after Giovanni Battista Cipriani (Italian, 1727-1785)
after Thomas Hearne (English, 1744-1817)
Adam and Eve in Paradise, n.d.
Democritus and Protagoras
William Pether (English, 1738-1821)
after Salvator Rosa (Italian, 1615-1673)
published by John Boydell (English, 1719-1804)
Democritus and Protagoras, 1778
Map of the World
Unknown Artist (English, 19th century)
after John Paul Cimerlin (Italian, active c. 1566)
Map of the World, 1889
Africae Tabula XII
Unknown Artist (English, 19th century)
after Livio Sanuto (Italian, 1520-1576)
Africae Tabula XII, 1588, reprinted 1889
Corona I
Oskar Kokoschka
English, born Austria, 1886-1980
Corona I, 1918
Fables choisies, mises en vers
Illustrations designed by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (French, 1686-1755)
written by Jean de la Fontaine (French, 1621–1695)
engravings by Nicolas-Gabriel Dupuis (French, 1698–1771), Pierre François Tardieu (French, 1711–1771), René Gaillard (French, c. 1719–1790), Pierre Chenu (French, c. 1718-c. 1800), Michel Aubert (French, 1700-1757), Jean Charles Baquoy (French, 1721-1777), Pierre-Étienne Moitte (French, 1722-1780), Jean Ouvrier (French, 1725-1754), Claude Olivier Galimard (French, 1719-1774), Jean-Jacques Flipart (French, 1719-1782), Nicolas Dauphin de Beauvais (French, c. 1687-1763), Louis-Claude Legrand (French, 1723–1807), Pierre Quentin Chedel (French, 1705-1763), Pierre Aveline (French, 1702-1760), Jacques Philippe Le Bas (French, 1707–1783), Pieter Franciscus Martenisie (Flemish, 1729-1789), Laurent Cars (French, 1699-1771), Jacques-Jean Pasquier (French, 1718-1785), Johann Christoph Teucher (German, c. 1716-c. 1750), Élie du Mesnil (French, born 1726), Martin Marvie (French, 1713-1813), William Wynne Ryland (British, 1732-1783), Jacques Aliamet (French, 1726-1788), Noël Le Mire (French, 1724-1801), Louis-Simon Lempereur (French, 1728-1807), Antoine Radigues (French, 1721-1809), Per Gustaf Floding (Swedish, 1731–1791), A.J. Defehrt (French, 1723-1774), Benoît-Louis Prévost (French, 1747-c. 1804), Catherine Elisabeth Lemperuer (French, 1726-act. 1780), Pierre Jacques Duret (French, b. 1729), Pierre Philippe Choffard (French, 1730-1809), J.F. Poletnich (French, act. 1750-80), and Manuel Salvador Carmona (Spanish, 1734-1820)
wood engravings by Nicolas Le Sueur (French, 1691–1764) after illustrations designed by Jean Jacques Bachelier (French, 1724-1806)
printed by Charles-Antoine Jombert (French, 1712–1784)
published by Desaint et Saillant (French, 18th century) and Durand (French, 18th century)
Fables choisies, mises en vers, 1756–59
Madonna and Child
William Sharp (British, 1749-1824)
after Carlo Dolci (Italian, 1616-1686)
Madonna and Child, 1798
Map of the World: Tradewinds
Unknown Artist (English, 19th century)
published by Bernardi Sylvani (Italian, active 1511)
Map of the World: Tradewinds, 1511, reprinted 1889
Hunters with Dog Beside River
Possibly attributed to Marco Ricci (Italian, 1676-1729)
or Richard Wilson (English, 1714-1782)
after Salvador Rosa (Italian, 1615-1673)
Hunters with Dog Beside River, n.d.

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