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Fables choisies, mises en vers
Illustrations designed by Jean-Baptiste Oudry (French, 1686-1755)
written by Jean de la Fontaine (French, 1621–1695)
engravings by Nicolas-Gabriel Dupuis (French, 1698–1771), Pierre François Tardieu (French, 1711–1771), René Gaillard (French, c. 1719–1790), Pierre Chenu (French, c. 1718-c. 1800), Michel Aubert (French, 1700-1757), Jean Charles Baquoy (French, 1721-1777), Pierre-Étienne Moitte (French, 1722-1780), Jean Ouvrier (French, 1725-1754), Claude Olivier Galimard (French, 1719-1774), Jean-Jacques Flipart (French, 1719-1782), Nicolas Dauphin de Beauvais (French, c. 1687-1763), Louis-Claude Legrand (French, 1723–1807), Pierre Quentin Chedel (French, 1705-1763), Pierre Aveline (French, 1702-1760), Jacques Philippe Le Bas (French, 1707–1783), Pieter Franciscus Martenisie (Flemish, 1729-1789), Laurent Cars (French, 1699-1771), Jacques-Jean Pasquier (French, 1718-1785), Johann Christoph Teucher (German, c. 1716-c. 1750), Élie du Mesnil (French, born 1726), Martin Marvie (French, 1713-1813), William Wynne Ryland (British, 1732-1783), Jacques Aliamet (French, 1726-1788), Noël Le Mire (French, 1724-1801), Louis-Simon Lempereur (French, 1728-1807), Antoine Radigues (French, 1721-1809), Per Gustaf Floding (Swedish, 1731–1791), A.J. Defehrt (French, 1723-1774), Benoît-Louis Prévost (French, 1747-c. 1804), Catherine Elisabeth Lemperuer (French, 1726-act. 1780), Pierre Jacques Duret (French, b. 1729), Pierre Philippe Choffard (French, 1730-1809), J.F. Poletnich (French, act. 1750-80), and Manuel Salvador Carmona (Spanish, 1734-1820)
wood engravings by Nicolas Le Sueur (French, 1691–1764) after illustrations designed by Jean Jacques Bachelier (French, 1724-1806)
printed by Charles-Antoine Jombert (French, 1712–1784)
published by Desaint et Saillant (French, 18th century) and Durand (French, 18th century)
Fables choisies, mises en vers, 1756-59

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