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Les Chats
Original prints by Édouard Manet (French, 1832–1883), Marie Champfleury (French, 19th century) after Burbanck (British, 19th century), Louis Eugène Lambert (French, 1825–1900), Armand Désiré Gautier (French, 1825–1894), and Victor Eugène Géruzez (Crafty) (French, 1840–1906)
illustrations by Charles Kreutzberger (French, 1829–1909), M. Mérimée (French, 19th century), Lorédan Larchey (French, 1831–1902), Prisse d'Avennes (French, 1807–1879), and Edmond Morin (French, 1824–1882)
some works etched by M. Comte (French, 19th century) and Firmin Gillot (French, 1820–1872) after works by Eugène Delacroix (French, 1798–1863), Gottfried Mind (Swiss, 1768–1814), Utagawa Hiroshige (erroneously attributed to Hokusai) (Japanese, 1797–1858), Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (French, 1758–1823), Théodule Augustin Ribot (French, 1823–1891), Cornelis Visscher (Dutch, c. 1629–1658), Jean Morin (French, 1600–1650), Jean Ignace Isadore Grandville (J.J. Grandville) (French, 1803–1847), Ferdinand van Kessel (Dutch, 1648–1696) (erroneously attributed to Bruegel) and Viollet-Le-Duc (French, 1814–1879)
written by Champfleury (Jules-François-Félix Husson-Fleury) (French, 1821–1889)
published by J. Rothschild (French, 19th century)
and Libraire de la Société Botanique de France (French, 19th century)
typography by Gustave Silbermann (French, 1801–1876)
printed by Cardart et Luce (French, 19th century)
Les Chats, 1870

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