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Designed by Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, born Moravia [present-day Czech Republic] 1870-1956)
Made by Wiener Werkstätte (Austrian, 1903-1932)
Austria, Vienna
Tray, c. 1922
Horse and Rider
Hans Ludwig Kienle (German, 1591–1653)
Germany, Ulm
Horse and Rider, 1630
Pair of Wine Ewers
David Bomes
Irish, active 1731-c. 1766
Dublin, Ireland
Pair of Wine Ewers, c. 1740
Christian Fjerdingstad
Danish, active in Denmark and France, 1891-1968
Compote, 1925
Ostrich Cup
John Spilman (English, born Bavaria, died 1626)
England, London
Ostrich Cup, 1590

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