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Face Jug
Edgefield District, South Carolina
Face Jug, c. 1860
Woman with a Book
Jonas Welch Holman
American, 1805–1873
Woman with a Book, c. 1827/30
Attributed to Robert Crosman
American, 1707–1799
Chest-over-drawer, c. 1725
Frank Memkus
American, 1884–1965
Whirligig, 1939/45
Woman with a Green Book (Louisa Gallond Cook)
Erastus Salisbury Field
American, 1805–1900
Woman with a Green Book (Louisa Gallond Cook), 1838
Meetinghouse Hill, Roxbury, Massachusetts
John Ritto Penniman
American, c. 1782–1841
Meetinghouse Hill, Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1799
Cornelius Allerton
Ammi Phillips
American, 1788-1865
Cornelius Allerton, 1821/22

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