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A Groom Bridling a Horse
Hans Baldung Grien
German, c. 1480-1545
A Groom Bridling a Horse, early 1540s
Charles Philip Slocombe (English, 1832-1895), Francis Seymour Haden (English, 1818-1910), Henri Toussaint (French, 1849-1911), Hubert Herkomer (English, born Bavaria, 1849-1914), Paul Adolphe Rajon (French, 1843-1888), after George Paul Chalmers (Scottish, 1833-1878), and Charles Murray (English, 1842-1924)
after John MacWhirter (Scottish, 1839-1911), Leon Richeton (French, 1854-1934), Erskine Nicol (Scottish, 1825-1904), Samuel Palmer (English, 1805-1881), Alphonse Legros (French, 1837-1911), Félix François Louis Dupont (French, 1848-1897), Jules Adolphe Breton (French, 1827-1906), Alfred-Louis, Brunet-Debaines (French, 1845-c. 1935), Léopold Lowenstam (Dutch, 1842-1898), Leopold Flameng (French, born Belgium, 1831-1911), John Gilbert (English, 1817-1897), Philip Gilbert Hamerton (English, 1834-1891), M. Dujardin (French, active 1880-1895), George Dunlop Leslie (English, 1835-1921), James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903), Abel Lurat (French, 1829-1890), Anatole Vely (French, 1838-1882), Frederick Albert Slocombe (English, 1847-1920), François Feyen-Perrin (French, 1826-1888), and John Dawson Watson (English, 1832-1892)
written by S.G.W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler) Benjamin (English, 1837-1914)
published by Dodd Mead & Company (American, 20th century)
A Group of Etchers, 1882
A Hermit Leading his Horse to Water
Moritz von Schwind
Austrian, 1804-1871
A Hermit Leading his Horse to Water, 1840
A Hilly Landscape with Figures Near a Ravine
Jan Brueghel, the elder
Flemish, 1568-1625
A Hilly Landscape with Figures Near a Ravine, 1595
A Landsknecht
Unknown Artist
Possibly Swiss, 17th century
A Landsknecht, n.d.
A Long Road
Jozef Israëls
Dutch, 1824-1911
A Long Road, n.d.
A Man Caressing the Young Hostess
Cornelis Pietersz Bega
Dutch, 1620-1664
A Man Caressing the Young Hostess, c. 1650
A Man Sinks Down Before the Crown
Paul Klee
German, born Switzerland 1879-1940
A Man Sinks Down Before the Crown, 1904
A Man and Woman Seated on a Bed
Israhel van Meckenem
German, c. 1445-1503
A Man and Woman Seated on a Bed, 1495–1503
A Moonlight Scene
Cornelis Visscher, the Elder (Netherlandish, c. 1520-1586)
after Pieter van Laer (Netherlandish, 1592/95-1642)
A Moonlight Scene, 1649/58

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