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A Fish Market
Richard Earlom (English, 1743-1822)
after Frans Snyders (Flemish, 1579-1657)
A Fish Market, n.d.
Charles Philip Slocombe (English, 1832-1895), Francis Seymour Haden (English, 1818-1910), Henri Toussaint (French, 1849-1911), Hubert Herkomer (English, born Bavaria, 1849-1914), Paul Adolphe Rajon (French, 1843-1888), after George Paul Chalmers (Scottish, 1833-1878), and Charles Murray (English, 1842-1924)
after John MacWhirter (Scottish, 1839-1911), Leon Richeton (French, 1854-1934), Erskine Nicol (Scottish, 1825-1904), Samuel Palmer (English, 1805-1881), Alphonse Legros (French, 1837-1911), Félix François Louis Dupont (French, 1848-1897), Jules Adolphe Breton (French, 1827-1906), Alfred-Louis, Brunet-Debaines (French, 1845-c. 1935), Léopold Lowenstam (Dutch, 1842-1898), Leopold Flameng (French, born Belgium, 1831-1911), John Gilbert (English, 1817-1897), Philip Gilbert Hamerton (English, 1834-1891), M. Dujardin (French, active 1880-1895), George Dunlop Leslie (English, 1835-1921), James McNeill Whistler (American, 1834-1903), Abel Lurat (French, 1829-1890), Anatole Vely (French, 1838-1882), Frederick Albert Slocombe (English, 1847-1920), François Feyen-Perrin (French, 1826-1888), and John Dawson Watson (English, 1832-1892)
written by S.G.W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler) Benjamin (English, 1837-1914)
published by Dodd Mead & Company (American, 20th century)
A Group of Etchers, 1882
Abraham Drawing the Children of Israel to His Breast, and Christ with Kneeling Monks, from an Antiphonary
Flemish (Tournai) or Southern England
Abraham Drawing the Children of Israel to His Breast, and Christ with Kneeling Monks, from an Antiphonary, 1330/40
Calisto in Her Retirement
Richard Earlom (English, 1743–1822)
after Anthony Van Dyck (Flemish, 1599–1641)
Calisto in Her Retirement, published 1778
Ceremony in a Cathedral
possibly Louis Haghe (Belgian, 1806-1885)
or Joseph Nash (English, 1808-1878)
Ceremony in a Cathedral, n.d.
possibly Samuel Hieronymus Grimm (Swiss, 1733-1794)
or John White Abbott (English, 1763-1851)
or Francis Grose (English, c. 1731-1791)
or Paul Sandby (English, 1725-1809)
or Thomas Sandby (English, 1721-1798)
or Francis Towne (English, 1739/40-1816)
English Farmhouse, n.d.
Moritz Retzsch (German, 1779-1857)
written by William Shakespeare (English, 1564-1616)
written by Hermann Ulrici (German, 1806-1884)
Gallery of Shakespeare's Dramatic Works (Gallerie zu Shakespeare’s Dramatischen Werken), 1841-44
Girl with a Fig Leaf
Lucian Freud
English, born Germany, 1922-2011
Girl with a Fig Leaf, 1947
Heavenly Ganymede
Henry Fuseli
English, born Switzerland, 1741-1825
Heavenly Ganymede, 1804
Henry Fletcher (English, 1710-1750)
after Peter Casteels III (Flemish, 1684-1749)
July, n.d.

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