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Albrecht Dürer
German, 1471–1528
Young Bull, c. 1496, erroneously inscribed in another hand 1508
Self-Portrait Etching at a Window
Rembrandt van Rijn
Dutch, 1606-1669
Self-Portrait Etching at a Window, 1648
Statue of the Madonna in the Mountains
Caspar David Friedrich
German, 1774-1840
Statue of the Madonna in the Mountains, 1804
Lovis Corinth
German, 1858-1925
Self-Portrait, 1924
Man of Sorrows
Artist unknown
German, 15th century
Man of Sorrows, c. 1465/70
Adam and Eve
Albrecht Dürer
German, 1471-1528
Adam and Eve, 1504
Lovers Surprised by Death
Hans Burgkmair the Elder
German, 1473-1531
Lovers Surprised by Death, 1510
Portrait of Otto Mueller
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
German, 1880-1938
Portrait of Otto Mueller, 1915
Two Women's Torsos
Willem de Kooning
American, born Netherlands, 1904-1997
Two Women's Torsos, 1952

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