Arms, Armor, Medieval, and Renaissance

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Armor for the Field and Tourney
German, Augsburg
Armor for the Field and Tourney, 1560/70
Armor for the Field and Tourney
Southern German
Armor for the Field and Tourney, c. 1550
Adarga (Shield)
Hispano-Mauresque, in the style of
Adarga (Shield), 1800/1900 (copy of 15th century Spanish style)
Northern Italian or Flemish
Armet, 1500/20
Armor for Heavy Calvary (Cuirassier)
Armor for Heavy Calvary (Cuirassier), about 1610
Armor for Field and Tournament
Jörg T. Sorg, the Younger, after
German, Augsburg, active 1502-1542
Armor for Field and Tournament, c. 1540/60 with later etching
Southern German
Armet, c. 1520/30
Archer's Sallet
Archer's Sallet, 1470/90
Armor for Field and Tourney
Italian, Milan
Armor for Field and Tourney, c. 1570/80 with modern additions
Armor for a Youth
Armor for a Youth, 19th century in late 16th/early 17th century style

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