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Delfina II
Jack Youngerman
American, born 1926
Delfina II, 1964
Dewey Square
Frank Stella
American, born 1936
Dewey Square, 1962
Domestic Abstraction
Tony Tasset
American, born 1960
Domestic Abstraction, 1987
Dotted Charmer
Ray Yoshida
American, 1930–2009
Dotted Charmer, c. 1970
Death of the Infant Bethel
Bob Thompson
American, 1937-1966
Death of the Infant Bethel, 1965
Art Green
American, born 1941
Diminishing Returns, 1973
Diamond Dust Joseph Beuys
Andy Warhol
American, 1928-1987
Diamond Dust Joseph Beuys, 1980
De la nada vida a la nada muerte
Frank Stella
American, born 1936
De la nada vida a la nada muerte, 1965
Dopo la Fine
Margherita Manzelli
Italian, born 1968
Dopo la Fine, 2008
Diego Seated in the Studio
Alberto Giacometti
Swiss, 1901–1966
Diego Seated in the Studio, 1950

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