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Colossal Figure
Leon Golub
American, 1922–2004
Colossal Figure, 1961
Leon Golub
American, 1922–2004
Combat, 1964
Serge Poliakoff
French, born Russia, 1900–1969
Composition, 1954
Con brio
Keith Morrison
American, born Jamaica, 1942
Con brio, 1983
Contemporary de Sade-John Wayne Gacy
Roger Brown
American, 1941–1997
Contemporary de Sade-John Wayne Gacy, 1981
Corpse and Mirror II
Jasper Johns
American, born 1930
Corpse and Mirror II, 1974/75
Correct Me If I'm Wrong
Amy Sillman
American, born 1955
Correct Me If I'm Wrong, 1999
Philip Hanson
American, born 1943
Country Club Dance, 1969
Couple in Bed
Philip Guston
American, born Canada, 1913–1980
Couple in Bed, 1977
Ron Davis
American, born 1937
Cube and Vent, 1975

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