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Panayiotis Vassilakis Takis
Greek, born 1925
Double Signal, 1967
Dictionary for Building: Fireplace Mantel
Siah Armajani
American, born Iran 1939
Dictionary for Building: Fireplace Mantel, 1981-82
Diamond Africa with Chair Tuned D E A D
Bruce Nauman
American, born 1941
Diamond Africa with Chair Tuned D E A D, 1981
Harmony Hammond
American, born 1944
Durango, 1979
Discontinuous Aggregates
Robert Smithson
American, 1938–1973
Discontinuous Aggregates, 1966
Robert Longo
American, born 1953
Death and Taxes (Walk 2), 1986
Escalera de caracol (Staircase)
Juan Muñoz
Spanish, 1953-2001
Escalera de caracol (Staircase), 1984
Dent de Lion
Gabriel Orozco
Mexican, born 1962
Dent de Lion, 1998
Dilapidarian Tower
Richard Hawkins
American, born 1961
Dilapidarian Tower, 2010
Eviscerated Corpse
Mike Kelley
American, 1954–2012
Eviscerated Corpse, 1989

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