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Cobalt and Gold Study II
Lynda Benglis
American, born 1941
Cobalt and Gold Study II, 1978
Hero Construction
Richard Hunt
American, born 1935
Hero Construction, 1958
Dilapidarian Tower
Richard Hawkins
American, born 1961
Dilapidarian Tower, 2010
Dictionary for Building: Fireplace Mantel
Siah Armajani
American, born Iran 1939
Dictionary for Building: Fireplace Mantel, 1981-82
Beach Scene
David Smith
American, 1906-1965
Beach Scene, 1949
Cubi VII
David Smith
American, 1906–1965
Cubi VII, 1963
Flying Dragon
Alexander Calder
American, 1898–1976
Flying Dragon, 1975
Horse and Rider
Marino Marini
Italian, 1901-1980
Horse and Rider, c. 1947
Hang Up
Eva Hesse
American, born Germany, 1936–1970
Hang Up, 1966
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
American, born Cuba, 1957-1996
"Untitled", 1989

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