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Around the Void II (Alrededor del vacio II)
Eduardo Chillida
Spanish, 1924–2002
Around the Void II (Alrededor del vacio II), 1965
Beach Scene
David Smith
American, 1906-1965
Beach Scene, 1949
Cubi VII
David Smith
American, 1906–1965
Cubi VII, 1963
Flying Dragon
Alexander Calder
American, 1898–1976
Flying Dragon, 1975
Horse and Rider
Marino Marini
Italian, 1901-1980
Horse and Rider, c. 1947
Large Interior Form
Henry Spencer Moore
English, 1898–1986
Large Interior Form, 1953/54
Man of Sorrows
Marion Perkins
American, 1908-1961
Man of Sorrows, 1950
Miss Expanding Universe
Isamu Noguchi
American, 1904-1988
Miss Expanding Universe, 1932
Henry Spencer Moore
English, 1898-1986
Sculpture, 1935
Seating for Eight
Scott Burton
American, 1939–1989
Seating for Eight, 1985

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