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Ankara Medical Center: Elevation
Bertrand Goldberg
American, 1913-1997
Ankara Medical Center: Elevation, 1997
Announcement for furniture exhibition at Metz & Co.
Piet Zwart
Dutch, 1885–1977
Announcement for furniture exhibition at Metz & Co., 1936
George Fred Keck (American, 1895-1980)
Delineator: Robert Bruce Tague (American, 1911-1984)
Anthony House: Design Drawing, 1941
Antibodi Chaise
Patricia Urquiola
Spanish, born 1961

Manufactured by Moroso S.p.A.
Italian, founded 1952
Antibodi Chaise, 2006
Experimental Jetset (Dutch, founded 1997)
Marieke Stolk (Dutch, born 1967)
Danny van den Dungen (Dutch, born 1971)
Erwin Brinkers (Dutch, born 1973)
Antibodies: The Works of Fernando and Humberto Campana, 2010
Bertrand Goldberg & Associates
American, circa 1952-1997
Apartment Building (possibly Point Squanto), c. 1967
Bertrand Goldberg
American, 1913-1997
Apartment Buildings, 1968/69
Aqua Tower model
Studio Gang Architects (American, founded 1997)
Jeanne Gang (American, born 1964)
Aqua Tower model, 2005
Arkhitektura sovremenogo zapada (Western Architecture Today)
El Lissitzky
Russian, 1890–1941
Arkhitektura sovremenogo zapada (Western Architecture Today), 1932
Around the World in Eighty Days
A Practice for Everyday Life (APFEL) (English, founded 2003)
Kirsty Carter (English, born 1979)
Emma Thomas (English, born 1979)
Around the World in Eighty Days, 2006

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