American Modernism

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Lounge Chair and Ottoman
Designed by Charles Eames and Ray Eames
American, 1907-1978 and 1912-1988
Lounge Chair and Ottoman, 1956
Love of Winter
George Wesley Bellows
American, 1882-1925
Love of Winter, 1914
Madawaska—Acadian Light-Heavy
Marsden Hartley
American, 1877-1943
Madawaska—Acadian Light-Heavy, 1940
Magician's Birthday
Wendell Castle
American, born 1932
Magician's Birthday, 1984
Manhattan Cocktail Set
Designed by Norman Bel Geddes
American, 1893-1958
Manufactured by Revere Copper and Brass Company
Rome, New York, 1801-present
Manhattan Cocktail Set, designed 1934/35; produced c. 1939–41
María Izquierdo
Rufino Tamayo
Mexican, 1899-1991
María Izquierdo, 1932
Monkey Fur
Arthur Dove
American, 1880-1946
Monkey Fur, 1926
Mount Equinox, Winter
Rockwell Kent
American, 1882-1971
Mount Equinox, Winter, 1921
Movement No. 10
Marsden Hartley
American, 1877-1943
Movement No. 10, 1917
Movement: Boats and Objects, Blue Gray Sea
John Marin
American, 1870-1953
Movement: Boats and Objects, Blue Gray Sea, 1947

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