American Modernism

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Cross and Weather Vane
Arthur Dove
American, 1880-1946
Cross and Weather Vane, 1935
Dogs Chasing Each Other
Arthur Dove
American, 1880-1946
Dogs Chasing Each Other, 1929
End Table
Designed by Samuel A. Marx
American, 1885-1964
Manufactured by William Quigley Co.
American, 20th century
End Table, 1944
Design for a Carpet or Hanging
George L. K. Morris (1905-1975)
United States
Design for a Carpet or Hanging, 1939
Dancer and Gazelles
Paul Manship
American, 1885-1966
Dancer and Gazelles, 1916
Helen Torr
American, 1886–1967
Extemporaneous, 1927
Female Dancer
Elie Nadelman
American, born Poland, 1882-1946
Female Dancer, c. 1920
Desert Forms
Hughie Lee-Smith
American, 1915-1999
Desert Forms, 1957
Ivan Albright
American, 1897-1983
Flesh, 1928
Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
American, 1867-1959
Made by Steelcase, Inc.
American, established 1912
Desk, 1937/39

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