American Modernism

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Charles Demuth
American, 1883–1935
Business, 1921
Cave Canem
John D. Graham
American, born Russia (now Ukraine), 1886–1961
Cave Canem, 1944
Candlestick (one of a pair)
Robert Riddle Jarvie
American, 1865–1941
Chicago, Illinois
Candlestick (one of a pair), c. 1906
Designed by Eugene Schoen
American, 1880–1957
Made by Schmieg, Hungate, and Kotzian
New York, New York
Cabinet, 1928
By-Products Plants
Joseph Stella
American, born Italy, 1877–1946
By-Products Plants, 1923/26
Margret Craver
American, 1907–2010
Wichita, Kansas
Bonbonnière, 1938
Celery Dish ("American Modern" Dinnerware)
Russel Wright
American, 1904–1976
Made by Steubenville Pottery
Steubenville, Ohio
Celery Dish ("American Modern" Dinnerware), 1937/59
Peter Blume
American, born Russia (now Belarus), 1906–1992
Buoy, 1941
Cabin in the Cotton
Horace Pippin
American, 1888–1946
Cabin in the Cotton, c. 1931–1937
John Bradley Storrs
American, 1885–1956
Ceres, 1928

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